AEG VX9-2-ECO vacuum cleaner test

AEG VX9-2-ECO - Vacuum cleaner test

Today in test – the AEG VX9-2-ECO.

This vacuum cleaner is made from 70% recycled plastic, is PVC-free and 92% recyclable. A great selling point in this day and age.

We took a close look at this sustainable vacuum cleaner with bag. In the test we will tell you what the AEG VX-2-ECO can do.

AEG VX9-2-ECO under test


approx. 188,00€

Suitable for:

Evaluation of the AEG VX9-2

Cleanliness 86%
Handling 85%
Equipment 87%


Overall standings

Technical details:


  • Smooth running soft wheels for high mobility and easy handling
  • Allergy Plus™ Filter washable
  • AERO PRO™ PARKETTO PRO hard floor nozzle
  • FlowMotion Plus floor nozzle
  • Closed ERGO-handgrip
  • Comfort carry handle with furniture protection strip

Scope of delivery:

Test report on the AEG VX9-2-ECO

The AEG VX9-2-ECO is a sustainably manufactured vacuum cleaner that is equipped with a bag. The scope of delivery includes a filter and a bag – both already ready for use in the device. Furthermore a hard floor nozzle and a 3in1 multifunction nozzle.

The allergy filter also makes the appliance ideal for allergy sufferers, as the filter catches even the smallest dust particles effortlessly. The filter is also washable. We have found in tests that it is advantageous to do this more often (approx. every 3-4 weeks).

Handling and application of the AEG VX9-2-ECO

Thanks to the XXL dust bag volume, which the AEG VX9-2 can have, this vacuum cleaner is particularly suitable for larger apartments. A lot of dirt can be collected without having to empty the dust bag often. This can be confirmed by the test.

Thanks to the AEG VX9-2-ECO’s 12-metre radius of action, you save yourself the hassle of changing sockets. In addition, you have an extremely large freedom of movement.

Advantages of the AEG VX9-2-ECO

In the test we noticed immediately that the AEG VX9-2 is extremely quiet in contrast to other vacuum cleaners. This is thanks to AEG’s Silent Air Technology. Thanks to an optimised air flow and a special nozzle, the AEG VX9-2-ECO is particularly quiet at only 66 db(A).

In our opinion, this is a clear selling point for families with small children and pet owners.

The handling of the AEG VX9-2 is easy and pleasant. Thanks to the Comfort Carry Handle, the vacuum cleaner fits comfortably in the hand. In the test, we also found that the maneuverability of the AEG VX9-2-ECO is excellent due to its generous operating range of 12 meters.

The easy handling of the various nozzles, such as the Motion Plus floor nozzle, which is equipped with a click lock, also caught our attention positively in the test. With this nozzle many floor coverings, especially carpets and rugs, can be cleaned very easily thanks to the low sliding resistance.

Conclusion of the AEG VX9-2-ECO vacuum cleaner test

For us, the AEG VX9-2-ECO passed everything in the test with flying colours. We were able to clean all the floorings we had tested (parquet, tiles, synthetic flooring and carpets) perfectly. We were very satisfied with the cleaning result.

For a fair price you get a great appliance, which – and we find this particularly praiseworthy – has been produced sustainably. For us, this alone is a clear argument for a purchase. On top of that, the AEG VX9 is extremely quiet, which also convinced us in the test.

All in all a great product and we recommend the AEG VX9-2-ECO.

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