Eufy HomeVac H11 hand vacuum cleaner review

Eufy HomeVac H11 hand vacuum cleaner review

This time, the manufacturer Eufy has launched a state-of-the-art handheld vacuum cleaner, the HomeVac H11. With its exceptional suction power it offers us a lot. It also scores with its thoroughly elegant design. We will tell you how the hand vacuum cleaner performed in the review. The test offered in the following was very objective and detailed.

Eufy HomeVac H11 review

Eufy HomeVac H11


Suitable for:

Evaluation of the HomeVac H11

Cleanliness 87%
Handling 89%
Equipment 88%


Overall standings

Technical details:


  • Constant high suction power
  • USB connectivity
  • Highly efficient filtration
  • Battery life up to 20 minutes
  • Washable dust filter (Hepa)
  • Scope of delivery:

    Review, test report on the Eufy HomeVac H11

    The HomeVac H11 hand-held vacuum cleaner comes with a very modern design. With its 5500Pa the mini hand vacuum cleaner has an amazing suction power. Due to the high suction power, even very small particles (dust, pollen) are captured efficiently in the dust container. The dust filter can be rinsed out manually with water. With its single suction stage, the H11 ensures a constant suction power. The suction power is sufficient to efficiently remove pet hairs from furniture, for example. The Eufy HomeVac H11 also removes dirt that sticks to the interior of the car.

    Manoeuvrability and handling of the HomeVac H11 in the review

    With a weight of 0.54 kg the hand vacuum cleaner is a flyweight among hand vacuum cleaners. Due to its low weight, the HomeVac H11 is particularly manoeuvrable. This means that steps are no problem for the mini vacuum cleaner. In the review and test we found it a pity that no wall bracket is included in the delivery. Thanks to the included combi nozzle, you can easily get to places that are difficult to access. The combi nozzle can be adapted to the surface very easily. With the crevice nozzle corners can be cleaned very easily.

    Suction power and cleanliness of the Eufy HomeVac H11

    Thanks to the constant suction power of 5500 Pa of the above-mentioned vacuum cleaner, everything becomes clean in seconds. Another advantage is the efficient storage of dirt and dust in the dust container. Emptying the container is particularly easy, but you will sometimes come into contact with the dirt. However, there are of course much more hygienic methods such as the Dyson V7 Trigger. The 2-1 combi-nozzle that comes with the Dyson V7 Trigger is a very efficient way to remove pet hairs from carpets. Another advantage of the combi nozzle is that even sensitive surfaces can be vacuumed without fear. During the test we could not find any loss of performance due to the attachment to the battery. The air outlet on the underside of the device was negative. The dust on the bottom is whirled around a bit. But if you vacuum from the back to the front, there are no problems.

    Battery capacity and suction mode of the HomeVac H11

    The question of all questions: How long does the battery of the hand vacuum cleaner last. The description does not give any details about the battery life. In the review and test we could find out the following. The battery of the hand vacuum cleaner in continuous operation lasted exactly 16 minutes. One must keep the following in mind: Due to its weight of 540 grams, the maneuverability is the better. Which gives us an advantage. So there are no delay times when vacuuming. No cable, which stands in the way. The HomeVac H11 is immediately ready for use.

    Conclusion: Eufy HomeVac H11 hand vacuum cleaner review:

    For a price of $59.99 you get a great device from the manufacturer Eufy. Included is a combination nozzle with which, hair and fluff, which are stuck in carpets can be cleaned efficiently. Furthermore, even sensitive surfaces can be cleaned with the combi nozzle. With its 0.54 kg the hand vacuum cleaner is very light and therefore very manoeuvrable. Hard to reach places can be cleaned without any problems. The conclusion also includes the mention of cleanliness. All the dust and dirt is captured quite well in the container. The dust filter is washable and should be washed out every 2-3 weeks in continuous use. Due to the USB connectivity, the battery can also be charged in the car. From us there is a clear recommendation to buy the HomeVac H11.

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