Vacuum cleaner experience reports and test

Vacuum cleaner experience reports

Evaluation system of vacuum cleaner tests:

If you are wondering how the ratings of the vacuum cleaner tests come about, you can read about it at the bottom of the page

Click here to see the first handheld vacuum cleaner we tested from Eufy. In the test, the Eufy HomeVac has been tested to the extreme. We tell you what it can do. Very objective field report. Our experts test each appliance very thoroughly.                                                                                                                   

Hand vacuum cleaner Eufy HomeVac H11

15. March 2020

The manufacturer Dyson has probably launched the V7 Trigger, currently the best handheld vacuum cleaner on the market. With its serially designed 15 cyclones in 2 rows, the hand vacuum cleaner offers an extraordinary suction power.  We tell you how the hand vacuum cleaner performed in the test. 

Handheld vacuum cleaner Dyson V7 Trigger

20. March 2020

The reviews of our vacuum cleaner experience reports:

Since we often get the feedback that too many parameters are listed which are simply uninteresting, we have reduced them from the original 5 parameters to 3 and thus combined them. These are shown in the following.

1. cleanliness

2. equipment

3. handling

Under Cleanliness you will find a description of how clean the vacuum cleaner works overall and whether it leaves dust or dirt behind. For example, the score will be worse if the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is insufficient. Or if a battery-powered vacuum cleaner is used: if the battery does not last long enough to vacuum a 40 m2 apartment, for example, this will have a negative effect on the rating.

The equipment includes all extras, such as the accessories supplied or the length of the power cable, etc… thus everything that indirectly has to do with vacuuming.

In the last category of handling, we evaluate how quickly you can handle a device. How heavy the device is and how easy it is to handle the extras. In addition, the evaluation also takes into account whether it requires little maintenance.

Well … From these three categories we then put together the overall ranking. As you will have noticed, the price of the vacuum cleaner is no longer taken into account. This has the following background. We have often received feedback that the buyer prefers to decide for himself whether a device is cheap or not. We also try to remain very objective in our vacuum cleaner tests. We can only hope that we succeed in this 😊